Lifestyle Design Workshop

Dive into lifestyle design and make 2021 your best year yet. 


You are capable of your wildest dreams.  

// What if this time next year you are shook by how much you've accomplished?

// What if you could start dreaming and living with wild ambition?  

// What if all of those things on your heart started happening in real life?

// What if you were meant for more?

// And what if you could be living a life you would have never imagined?

Lifestyle design can collapse time. 

Like goat picnics with the fam kind of magic. 

Connect with your authentic self.


Dream with wild ambition


Create a vision to bring it to reality. 


Execute every single day. 

Two lifestyle design workshops included

4+ hours of content


Vision Setting

  • Vision Setting Meditation
  • Storyboarding & Journaling
  • Create and Align Dream List
  • Identify Your One Thing





  • Daily Meditation
  • Doubt and Fear
  • Decision Making
  • Biofeedback
  • Energy Management


Laura DiFrancesco



Hi love!  I'm the Founder and CEO of Dean Street Law and Flourish Coworking Space.  I'm constantly architecting a life of my dreams.  I dream and live with wild ambition.  Every time I look at a bio of mine from a few months ago, it is wildly out of date.  Let's just say, I move quickly.  In the last six months alone, I have:


// Launched my personal brand, welcome! 

// Started and finished writing a book and am delivering it to my editor this week! 

// Kept all of my employees on full time as we were shut down for four months in the pandemic

// Launched the We Grow Together Podcast (and we're now on Episode 36!)

// Held our first business bootcamp and launched our 60 Days to Start Your Business Course

// Exceeded my projected revenue for Dean Street Law by over 150%

// Adopted Molly (a golden puppy) and five goats!  My fur fam is now at ten and counting - three dogs, five goats and two horses! 

// Took a DEEP dive in personal growth - hypnotherapy, manifestation, seasonal wellness, human design and more

// Started filming my tv series and launched my YouTube! 

// Self-funded Flourish to over $200,000

// Provided free headshots to tons of community members to help them find jobs during the pandemic

// Have been featured on PHL17 and 6ABC


My guiding vision is always changing, but it basically sums up that I want to be the next JK Rowling / Beyonce / Oprah, but you know.. on a farm with my fur babies.   


Xx L 

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Dream and live with wild ambition. 

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