Lifestyle Design Course

Learn my lifestyle design system

so you can dream and live with wild ambition. 


Lifestyle Design Course


// Four Weeks of Live Sessions //


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// 10+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Lessons Delivered Weekly //


// Learn Lifestyle Design, Mindset & Execution //


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Hi love!  First of all, you are absolutely amazing just the way you are. 

You are right where you're supposed to be on your journey. 

You are worthy of your dreams without doing a single thing, just because of who you are. 

I think it's important to remember that we are whole and complete without anything more. 

As a high achieving woman, sometimes we can forget that.  

I'm here to remind you and to support you through your journey! 

There's a lot of mindset work that goes into dreaming and living

with wild ambition.  So, let's start with visualizations.  

// What if all of those things on your heart started happening in real life?

// What if you started to believe in your dreams and yourself so much that they started coming true?

// What if you had a system you could implement to show you where to start and how to create a plan to get there?

// What if you had tools and resources to help you maintain momentum once you've gotten started?

// And what if you could be living a life you would have never imagined?

Oh my goodness, how does that feel?!

Lifestyle design can collapse time. 

Like goat picnics with the fam kind of magic. 

Connect with your authentic self.


Dream with wild ambition


Create a vision to bring it to reality. 


Execute every single day. 





All the Details

Who is this for?


This is for someone who wants to dream with reckless ambition and gather the tools to make them come true.  This is anything but ordinary. 


When is it?


The course will begin Monday, February 8, 2021 and the live sessions will be Wednesday, February 10, 17, 24 and March 3.   


What time?


Live sessions will be Wednesdays at 3pm EST.  All live sessions will be recorded and uploaded right after the session.      


Why do I need this?


I invest in myself so that I can accelerate my growth.  That's exactly what this is; it's condensing years of my experience for you.      


We have two options for you!

Pay In Full or Payment Plan

Pay In Full


    // Four Weeks of Live Sessions 

    // 10+ Hours of Lessons 

    // Lifestyle Design, Mindset & Execution

    // All Live Calls Recorded for Replay 

    // Exclusive Slack Channel 

    // Surprise Gift for Each Student 

    // Lifetime Access

    // Lifetime Updates

    Payment Plan

    $222 x 4

      // Four Weeks of Live Sessions 

      // 10+ Hours of Lessons 

      // Lifestyle Design, Mindset & Execution

      // All Live Calls Recorded for Replay 

      // Exclusive Slack Channel 

      // Surprise Gift for Each Student 

      // Lifetime Access 

      // Lifetime Updates

      Join before the price increases by $500!



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      A college course costs $900-1200 and this course covers so much more!

      Week One // Align with Your Authentic Self & Foundations of Lifestyle Design

      Week Two // Create Your Lifestyle Design

      Week Three // Execute Your Lifestyle Design

      Week Four // Maintaining Momentum and Refining Your Lifestyle Design


      Laura DiFrancesco



      Hi love!  I'm the Founder and CEO of Dean Street Law and Flourish Coworking Space.  I'm constantly architecting a life of my dreams.  I dream and live with wild ambition.  Every time I look at a bio of mine from a few months ago, it is wildly out of date.  Let's just say, I move quickly.  In the last six months alone, I have:


      // Launched my personal brand, welcome! 

      // Started and finished writing a book and am delivering it to my editor this week! 

      // Kept all of my employees on full time as we were shut down for four months in the pandemic

      // Launched the We Grow Together Podcast (and we're now on Episode 36!)

      // Held our first business bootcamp and launched our 60 Days to Start Your Business Course

      // Exceeded my projected revenue for Dean Street Law by over 150%

      // Adopted Molly (a golden puppy) and five goats!  My fur fam is now at ten and counting - three dogs, five goats and two horses! 

      // Took a DEEP dive in personal growth - hypnotherapy, manifestation, seasonal wellness, human design and more

      // Started filming my tv series and launched my YouTube! 

      // Self-funded Flourish to over $200,000

      // Provided free headshots to tons of community members to help them find jobs during the pandemic

      // Have been featured on PHL17 and 6ABC


      My guiding vision is always changing, but it basically sums up that I want to be the next JK Rowling / Beyonce / Oprah, but you know.. on a farm with my fur babies.   


      Xx L 

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      © Laura DiFrancesco 2020, All Rights Reserved.

      Dream and live with wild ambition. 

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